July 2, 2022

July's Horoscopes with Bethany Marple

Bethany Marple
July's Horoscopes with Bethany Marple
Hellooooooo July! Feels crazy to be halfway through the year, and yet here we are!

This month, you may find yourself bombarded with pressure from the external world – ‘the year is already halfway over; what have you done?’ I’m here to say a polite but firm ‘NO’ to that narrative. 

Instead, look at all that you have worked through these past six months. The start of 2022 has been far from what we have envisioned for so many people. And for a lot of us, as you’ll see with the astrology, this is just the beginning!

This month marks an exciting pivot, with new energy guiding us to feel more aligned – particularly with a Full Moon in Capricorn on July 14 providing us with a powerful chance to release the first six months of the year, and not allow ourselves to be held back by old expectations of ourselves. This is not a chance to regret the past six months, but rather time to celebrate and build up our momentum.

See below for your personalised horoscope for July!


Focus on rest this month, Aries! With your ruling planet Mars (responsible for all things energy, motivation, and action) moving out of your sign and into the more chill Taurus on July 5, this will feel like a more grounding month for you. Taurus is about all things lush, and so set clear boundaries with your spending this month, as you may find the desire to treat yourself a bit harder to ignore! Creating beauty and safety around your home is going to be beneficial this month, you may find yourself motivated to get those jobs ticked off the to-do list that have been sitting there for months!

Tip: Plan some ‘off-screen’ time each day or week! Pop it in your schedule and make a conscious effort to step away from the screen and get some quiet time with some fresh air, as this will help you feel grounded and centred this month.


Embrace the flow this month, Taurus! As the ruler of energy, action, and motivation, Mars, enters your sign on July 5, you will be feeling a boost of energy – like the quiet times of the last few months have been leading up to you now feeling brighter and ready to take action. You may feel more extroverted than normal, wanting to see people and seek out opportunities for some fun! Your ruling planet, Venus, is moving into the comfort-seeking sign of Cancer on July 18, so you might find the end of the month to be more focused on family, home, and safety – the end of the month will be a great time to check in with your financial goals and re-work that budget to make sure you’re still aligned to your long term visions!

Tip: Spend time getting to know your style this month, Taurus! You may feel the urge to mix up your expression through fashion, so embrace this refreshing energy and change to express your authentic self!


Prioritise your self-care this month, Gemini! This month is all about taking care of our mental health and wellness, as much as our physical wellness. With Mars (ruler of action) entering Taurus on July 5, you are being encouraged this month to take care of your mindset. With the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 14, we may find this time of month brings up a lot about relationships – focus this energy into looking at what energy in your relationships will serve you long-term, and what needs work. Capricorn is all about putting in the consistent work for long-term gain, so this is a great time to have open conversations with the people in your life about how we can create meaningful and lasting shifts in our relationship to feel more secure and stable.

Tip: Have a look at your daily routines and see what small changes could be made to take care of your mind as well. Popping on a five-minute meditation before sleeping, starting the day with five gratitudes, or maybe reaching out to someone in your life for support can all be powerful ways to shift our mindset.


Bring on the feels, Cancer! As we move through the end of your birthday season, your connection to the Moon will keep your emotions running high this month. With the ruler of communication, Mercury, entering your sign on July 5 fortwo2 weeks, use the middle of the month to plan and strategise! You may find yourself more switched on and able to make decisions this month as the brain fog starts to clear. Use this month to balance using your intuition and your critical mind and remember that they balance each other out! We cannot make decisions without our feelings, and we need our mind to communicate what we feel in our heart.

Tip: Practise a full moon ritual this month, Cancer! Sit under the beautiful moonlight on July 14, journal, meditate, and visualise the next six months! This is a powerful time for you to tap into your intuition and start to really plan out the rest of the year.


This month is all about enhancing your impact, Leo! As Mars moves from fiery, impulsive Aries into grounded and assuring Taurus, we will feel the energy around our career shift into abundance and security. Taking action in your career over the month will be so important, but make sure that all the changes you make (whether that’s an investment into new training, launching a new service, or applying for a new position) are thoroughly thought through. Take the time to check over each detail and make sure these decisions are for your long-term benefit! We will be finishing off the month with a New Moon in Leo on July 26, bringing us a reenergising moment – prepare to feel fresh, vibrant, and ready to celebrate ourselves and our achievements in Leo Season!

Tip: What ways can you magnify your reach this month, Leo? When it comes to your career, the astrological energy wants you to be seen! Trial different ways of working, new routines, or maybe even different ways to engage with your platform on social media to share your message.


Adventure and fun are coming back into your life this month, Virgo! With Mars leaving impulsive, fiery Aries and moving into nature-loving Taurus, you may feel the call to get out into nature and explore. Try to look at your weekends not just as a chance to catch up on life admin, but as a window to explore the world around you! This month brings a lot of expansion for you, Virgo, whether that’s through learning, catching up with friends, or actually travelling – take some time to enjoy your life this month. If you’ve been dying for that weekend away, a quick day trip with a friend, or just to find a new spot to sit and read a new book, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone this month.

Tip: Struggling to quieten your mind? Use tools such as journaling and reading this month to help you feel grounded and calm, as well as giving your mind a moment to process. And don’t be afraid to get lost in a fantasy book series, or to write a story that makes no sense – not all of our tasks have to be related to our self-care or our career. Some things are allowed to be just for fun!


Balance, Libra! This month you may find the work-life balance a little bit tougher to juggle. While the Sun is in Cancer until July 23, you will be feeling so lit up by your work this month, like things are coming together and you’re starting to see your hard work pay off. But remember, this isn’t your invitation to do more. While it’s amazing to see things come together, take time to celebrate, especially with your support system. Take time for rest when you can, particularly just lounging around the house and enjoying having nothing on the to-do list.

Tip: Take the time to feel grounded this month, Libra. Root Chakra Meditations, outdoor breathwork, and daily journaling can help you to stay in the moment.


This is a month for connection, Scorpio! As your ruling planet, Mars, moves from the energetic and passionate sign of Aries to the more grounded and romantic sign of Taurus, this is a great month to feel grounded and supported in your relationships. Trust does not always come easily, but this Taurus is here to teach us that we are held by the people in our life – they support us, celebrate with us, and hold our hand when things don’t go right. Reach out to the people you do trust this month, Scorpio, as sometimes we can forget to tell them how much they mean to us. Dedicating time to the people in your life this month, and to speaking openly and honestly with them, will lead to more secure, safe, and powerful connections in the future.

Tip: Reminding the people in our lives how much we care for them seems simple, but it is often easy to forget, especially for the people who are always there for us. 


We’re doing the inner work this month, Sag! With the Sun in the emotional sign of Cancer until July 23, we are all in our feelings this month. The lesson you are learning is to allow your emotions time and space to express, and to not just move through them and try to ‘get over it’. Take time for yourself through rest, journaling, and meditation. The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 18 may bring up feelings about your value and importance – you may find this will be a time of letting go of the expectations and opinions of others. You will end this month feeling lit up, powerful, and proud (with the Sun back in shining Leo on the 23 of July), feeling like you’ve got your inner fire back!

Tip: Keep the protective crystal Black Tourmaline close by this month, as it protects your energy and allows you to feel grounded.


It’s time to put yourself first, Capricorn! While the Sun moves through Cancer until July 23, you may feel like this whole month, your time, energy, and emotions are being swallowed up by everyone else in your life. It can feel hard to care for yourself when there are so many people that seem to rely on you for support. This month is about establishing healthy boundaries with the people in your life, so that you can still look after the most important person – YOU! Relationships may feel like a big focus, and around the 14th of July, when we have a Full Moon in Capricorn, you will feel a big dynamic shift between yourself and others. You will be able to see clearly where people have been taking advantage of your support, and where you want to put yourself first. Don’t be made to feel bad about your boundaries by people who cannot enforce their own.

Tip: Commit to ONE thing for yourself this month Capricorn – whether it’s a day off, something you’ve been wanting to buy, somewhere you’ve been wanting to go, or something else entirely. You deserve to enjoy yourself.


Rest, Aquarius! Not always easy to do, but it’s important to give yourself mental breaks this month. Check in with your support networks and see if you need to ask for extra support! With the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 14, you may find this to be a really mentally draining time, with a lot of your attention focused on the past, dreams, visions, and struggling to stay in the present. This month is all about practise, not perfection! It may be really difficult to sit still, to meditate, to do the things that we know can help us. But by taking time each day to try, you’ll find by the end of the month it’s easier than you think!

Tip: Practise morning breathwork. Even something as simple as ten deep belly breaths before you get out of bed (or there are SO many amazing tutorials on YouTube to check out) can help bring your consciousness back to the present moment and reduce the mental noise.


Get those creative juices flowing, Pisces! With Venus and Mercury entering Cancer on July 18, you may find ideas coming non-stop! Allow time for artistry and creativity throughout the month as a way of playing. And remembering to enjoy the process – don’t just hyper-fixate on the end result. Around the Full Moon in Capricorn (July 14), you may find that career comes into focus – journal a lot during this time to help process all the shifts that may be occurring internally and externally. You may find your long-term goals are changing, shifting to something more in alignment with your passions. Explore that this month and follow the things that light you up!

Tip: Stuck on a decision? Mind map this month! Sit down and write down ALL the possible pathways, outcomes, and possibilities you see before you. Allow the words and information to flow, and see what comes out when you allow it to. It can make it easier to decide when you can see, with clarity, what different pathways you have ahead.

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Through Astrology, Tarot, and Empowerment Coaching, Bethany shares her knowledge to allow everyone to step into their full power and love their true self – unconditionally.

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