May 8, 2022

This Month's Horoscopes with Bethany Marple: What Does May Have In Store?

Bethany Marple
This Month's Horoscopes with Bethany Marple: What Does May Have In Store?
Delve into how the celestial bodies will affect your life this month!

May is bringing a lot of change and fresh energy to the scene. With a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse, a new moon, and a Mercury retrograde, there’s a lot going on! The below horoscopes can help you understand the energy that is coming up and what we are being called to work on. With the sun in Taurus and Gemini (happy birthday to all you gorgeous Taurus and Geminis out there!), this time of year is all about settling back into routines centred around what we love and following our passions.

Now have a look below to see exactly what the stars have in store for you this month!


The keyword for you this month is ACTIVATION, Aries! With Venus (planet of values and money), Mars (planet of energy and action) and Jupiter (planet of expansion and abundance) all moving through your sign this month, you are having themes of money, values, and love highly activated. This is a great month to take initiative with your finances – get really clear on where your money is going and how it can come in!

Tip: Connect in with your values this month through shifting your money mindset. Ever heard of EFT Tapping? It’s a super powerful way to reprogram your subconscious mind and understand your relationship to money! Check out YouTube (in particular Gala Darling) and add an EFT tapping video to the start of your morning.


Embrace change this month, Taurus! I know, I know – that may not be your favourite thing in the world. But after the solar eclipse on May 1 lit up the sign of Taurus, the universe is trying to reconnect you to yourself, your expression, and your body. Embrace the changes in your identity and expression – don’t hold yourself to old expectations of yourself. The lunar eclipse on May 16 later in the month might highlight your relationships and where you desire more care and attention, as well as building up your confidence to ask for it! As your ruling planet, Venus, enters your sign at the end of the month, this is a month to reconnect with your self-love and seeing the true beauty you bring to the world.

Tip: Plan dates with yourself this month, Taurus! Maybe that workshop you have always wanted to go to or new restaurant you’ve been dying to try but it seems like no one will join you. Put yourself first by prioritising self-care time this month.


Balancing your physical and mental health is really important this month, Gemini! As the Solar Eclipse (May 1) and Lunar Eclipse (May 16) highlight where you need to find balance, take some time for yourself this month as you may find yourself feeling a bit more introspective and seeking solidarity. If you have been wanting to stick to a daily routine, this is the month to do it! Establish new, nurturing routines this month – taking time each day to tend to your mind, body, and soul. With a Mercury retrograde in your sign from May 10, be patient with yourself. No need to rush; just allow yourself to be.

Tip: Meditation and Words of Affirmation will help keep your mind quiet and your communication clear this month. Keeping selenite and clear quartz nearby can help bring a cleansing, calming energy to your space.


You are stepping out into the light this month, Cancer! As the sun moves through Taurus until the May 21, we may find ourselves falling back in love with life, in particular, the fun of connecting with your friends, seeking out experiences, and expressing yourself more fully. This month, make time to realise just how supported you are. You can rely on your friends to celebrate with you, and also be there for emotional support. You don’t always have to be the supportive person – you are worthy of being supported as well.

Tip: Kick-start that project you’ve been sitting on. This can be a great time to feel lit up about the bigger picture – check in with your 2022 goals and see how you’re tracking, and what needs to be implemented to keep making progress!


Career changes are coming your way, Leo! After the solar eclipse on May 1, you might feel a need to revolutionise and transform the way you are showing up in your career and business. While change can feel destabilising, this is a time to pay attention to what is working and what isn’t. Take opportunities to try something new, learn from setbacks, and practise patience. Creativity holds space for ideas to come through, so try not to put so much pressure on yourself for everything to be perfect at this time.

Tip: Step into the spotlight more, Leo. Allow yourself to be seen for the work you do and for the energy you put in! If you have your own business, show more of yourself and your creativity. If there has been a creative initiative you have been putting off, put a deadline on for the end of month to release it! Let the world see what you are passionate about.


Practising patience is key this month, Virgo. As your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde on May 10, we are being challenged to rethink our processes and systems, especially when it comes to work. Mercury retrogrades are a time where you can struggle to communicate and think as clearly as you usually can, so giving yourself time to process information is essential. Not rushing into things, but instead prioritising your goals and actions (especially when it comes to our self-development and learning) is key to success this month! Remember, you don’t always have to be able to do all the things all the time – you are allowed to take breaks to ground yourself.

Tip: Expand your daily practices this month to allow a bit more flow! Try out a new cafe for work, get out into nature, or take a spontaneous road trip to get out and explore.


You are being called to dive deep into shadow work this month, Libra. Kicking off eclipse season on May 1, you may find yourself called to alone time. Much like The Hermit in the tarot, this is a month to get to know yourself more deeply and focus on the inner work. Check in with your mental health and allowing yourself time to process your feelings without any pressure. Then the lunar eclipse on May 16 will have you re-evaluating what’s important to you, and the universe loves to use eclipses as a way to shift our focus to the things that truly matter. This month isn’t a time for action, but for introspection.

Tip: Dedicate time to reflection this month. Daily meditations allow us to learn to be comfortable within ourselves. Try and open a window or go outside and just sit with the sounds of nature to feel safe within your own mind. Journaling can often help us get all our thoughts out on paper and be able to find some peace.


Balance, Scorpio! The energy you give to yourself can often be eclipsed by the energy you give in your relationships. With the lunar eclipse on May 16 in the sign of Scorpio, you are shedding your limiting beliefs that stop you truly expressing yourself. Connecting with your body will help you feel empowered and embodied this month. Creating new relationships of love and gratitude for yourself will allow you to open yourself up to accepting more love from other people. Remember, you get to be your own greatest source of love and adoration.

Tip: Try new ways of connecting to and moving your body this month, Scorpio! Whether it’s through breathwork, dance, stretching, or that new gym class you’ve been dying to try – get back into your body this month and find gratitude in all the magical things it can do for us.


All about communication this month, Sagittarius! Building up empowering daily practices can sometimes feel hard to stick to, but this month they are going to really stabilise you! When Mercury goes retrograde on May 10, we may find our communication in relationships becoming a big focus for the rest of the month. Finding new ways to communicate can be challenging, especially when our heart is involved, but this is a time to reinvent our connections and be able to express more clearly what we need with people. Embrace self-expression this month, Sagittarius, and give yourself time and space to speak your truth.

Tip: Throat Chakra meditations are powerful ways to ensure our communication channels are clear and concise. Working with crystals like lapis lazuli and sodalite can help us ensure we stay calm and grounded during difficult conversations.


Come out of your shell, Capricorn! After a month of nesting and building comfortability in the home, this month you’re starting to feel free. Expressing yourself is your #1 priority this month – particularly when it comes to creativity and making your mark on the world! With the lunar eclipse on May 16, you may also find your social groups and friends become a focus later in the month, allowing you to clear out energies in your friendships, especially when it comes to hiding your true self. Being able to be your authentic self with your friends means saying what you need, doing what feels right, and holding firm in your boundaries!

Tip: Break out the citrine and let’s get creative! Collages, painting, drawing – practise creating without pressure. You don’t necessarily always have to create for an outcome. You can just create to enjoy the process.


Your attention is being brought back home, Aquarius. As the sun moves through the sign of Taurus, it’s time to look inward to understand what stabilising influence you need in your life. Ensuring that we have a grounded base means we have room to flourish, so focusing on feeling grounded in the home means we have space to expand in our careers! We might find unexpected curveballs with family at the start of the month, but this is just asking us to heal family and generational wounds and start new cycles of safety within your family unit.

Tip: Take time to nest. Knock off those home admin jobs you have been putting off to ensure you feel comfortable, safe, and nurtured in your home and family life. Buy the comfy pillow, put up the cute art prints, and make sure all your insurance info is up to date so you feel super safe and secure.


Time to amp up your magnetism, Pisces! With Venus (planet of values and money), Mars (planet of energy and action), and Jupiter (planet of expansion and abundance) all moving through Aries this month, you are having themes of money, values, and love highly activated. Calling in love and abundance starts with ourselves. You might find your relationship to yourself feels more critical this month, so show yourself compassion and grace. Remind yourself of the things you love about yourself and make time for self-connection often.

Tip: Spoil yourself to a massage, a facial, or a special outing! Alone time can allow you the space to feel the magic of your own company, and it can be so special to separate yourself from other people’s energies every now and then.

By Astrologer & Mystic Bethany Marple

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